April in Maryland

March’s posts are still not finished but I decided I better start April or I will never catch up.  So I will post April and then go back and finish March.  If this is confusing for any of you just think what poor Elder Rose has to put up with on a regular basis. April Conference was really good.  Saturday we listened to conference while we helped a less active and non member family get their home ready for inspection.  We have been working with this couple for quite a while, but he posted on Facebook that morning that he needed help so we changed clothes and told him we would come over if we could watch or listen to conference when we got there.  He agreed and had it on the computer when we arrived.  He made positive comments as we were sanding and mudding and cleaning so we know he was listening.  They said they would try to come to our home the next day for Conference and Waffles, but were not able to make it.  They called to say that they were watching it at their house though. The Elders came for Conference and Waffles on Sunday Morning as some less-active families were coming to our apartment.  WP_20150405_11_43_19_Pro__highres WP_20150405_11_43_41_Pro__highres WP_20150405_11_50_21_Pro WP_20150405_11_50_28_Pro__highres WP_20150405_11_50_43_Pro__highres WP_20150405_12_36_27_Pro

We had a great time and loved listening to conference and playing conference bingo with them.  It was also Easter so we gave the Elders baskets filled with Easter Candy and coloring books.  We loved listening to Conference and always feel so blessed and spiritually uplifted when it is over.  Nick and Stacie and Earl came and watched conference with us and the Elders.

April started with a fun Zone Activity with all of the Elders and Sisters from two zones meeting together for a morning of fun, sun, and history.    We went to Fort Washington where the  young Elders and Sisters played games and ate lunch. WP_20150406_11_03_07_Pro WP_20150406_11_06_00_Pro WP_20150406_11_18_02_Pro WP_20150406_11_18_49_Pro WP_20150406_11_18_40_Pro WP_20150406_11_18_33_Pro WP_20150406_11_18_12_Pro WP_20150406_11_18_55_Pro WP_20150406_11_19_05_Pro WP_20150406_11_19_14_Pro WP_20150406_11_19_41_Pro WP_20150406_11_20_27_Pro WP_20150406_11_20_50_Pro WP_20150406_11_39_49_Pro WP_20150406_11_40_00_Pro WP_20150406_11_41_55_Pro WP_20150406_12_08_29_Pro WP_20150406_12_48_19_Pro

They had BBQ Chicken which the Zone Leaders had made earlier and brought to heat up over the charcoal.  They forgot to bring a spoon and were surprised when Sister Rose said so lets find a stick that will work.  The BBQ was good and everyone had fun. then we walked over to the actual Fort and read about the history and saw the gun placements and the barracks etc.  WP_20150406_13_56_40_Pro WP_20150406_13_58_30_Pro WP_20150406_14_06_29_Pro WP_20150406_14_08_19_Pro

Elder Rose was able to give everyone some idea of what things were.  It was a lot of fun.  We are privileged to work with some wonderful young men and women.

The Cherry Blossoms are a big deal in Washington DC the trees were given to the United States by Japan and every April they bloom and they are so pretty. WP_20150413_15_40_08_Pro cropped WP_20150413_15_43_37_Pro WP_20150413_15_51_20_Pro

Elder Little was leaving this next transfer and he want to see the Cherry Blossoms, and the National Cathedral so we drove to DC and spent the day with a nonmember at the National Cathedral and then drove very slowly around the Mall so that everyone could take pictures and enjoy the Cherry Blossoms.WP_20150413_11_03_51_Pro cropped WP_20150413_11_59_33_Pro cropped WP_20150413_12_03_15_Pro WP_20150413_15_16_12_Pro cropped  The National Cathedral is still being repaired after the Earthquake knocked several of the towers over and cracked the ceiling.  We went up to the observatory and looked for the Temple, which you could barley see, but it is there, and we also went down into the basement crypt.  The Elders were fascinated by the services which were being held and also the lack of the spirit which could be felt.  The building is beautiful but it is not “holy” is what one of the Elders said.  The difference between our Temple, and chapels and this was very striking to them.  Donna enjoyed getting to know the Elders better, and really enjoyed the day and watching the video “Ephriam Rescue” as we drove home.

We also gave a surprise party for one of our returning members.  Julie has had a stroke and is battling depression and loss of some mental functions.  She holds two degrees but feels worthless because she can’t remember things since her stroke.  She has been working on her genealogy with one of the Sisters in our ward and is doing really well at it.  For her birthday we surprised her with dinner at Salsa’s a Mexican restaurant nearWP_20150414_18_08_13_Pro her house.   The Relief Society President and her husband was there along with the Elders who have been working with her and the Sister from the genealogy center.  WP_20150414_17_04_51_ProShe was very surprised and enjoyed the evening, and then the Relief Society kidnapped her and took her to the mid week meeting where she met lots of the sisters and had a good time.

Transfers are always hard and exciting at the same time.  This transfer 5 of the young Elders that we had been working with went home.  Our first District Leader who then became our Zone Leader Elder Lim’s family came to pick him up and spent a week traveling the mission meeting all of  the members that he had worked with.  Also going home was Elder Little, Elder Wendt, Elder Nolee’ and Elder Ng,.  These young men taught us a lot and we will miss them until we get home,WP_20150415_06_42_56_Pro WP_20150415_12_16_10_Pro WP_20150415_12_22_50_Pro when they have told us we are having a party in our back yard.  Sounds like fun to me.  Lim is in Seattle, Wendt is in California, Nolee, is from Belgium, and Ng is from Hong Kong, not sure how they are all getting to our house, but we will have lots of rooms for them when they come.  We welcomed Elder Mannning who is returning to this area for his send off at the end of May.

This month we had one of the sweetest experiences as we had the privilege of being with Brother Ucles as he ordained his son Charlie to the office of a teacher.  The spirit was so strong.  Brother Ucles did not want to even stand in the circle as he didn’t feel that he knew the Priesthood well enough, but when Charlie said he wanted his dad to ordain him, and the Bishop said he would show and tell him what to do.  The Bishop took Brother Ucles back to his office and went over everything and wrote down the parts of the ordination that needed to take place leaving a space for him to give his son a blessing.  When they came back, the spirit was so strong as he laid his hands on his sons head and ordained him to the office of a teacher and then gave him a sweet, humble fathers blessing that was so sincere and just pure.  Afterwards he said he thought he was ready to move forward towards becoming an Elder if the Bishop and Elder Rose would help him.WP_20150415_19_09_03_Pro WP_20150415_19_09_11_Pro

Our mission is not all work, once in a while the Senior Missionaries get together to see the sights and enjoy a day together.  This is the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Lincoln, and we just happen to be living in the notorious area of Booth’s escape route.  We went with several other Sisters to see the “Dr. Mudd” home.  WP_20150418_09_50_42_Pro WP_20150418_09_53_24_Pro WP_20150418_10_06_00_Pro WP_20150418_10_06_39_Pro WP_20150418_10_25_48_Pro WP_20150418_10_45_58_Pro WP_20150418_10_50_29_Pro WP_20150418_10_51_05_Pro WP_20150418_10_53_45_Pro WP_20150418_10_59_11_Pro WP_20150418_11_02_33_Pro WP_20150418_13_01_38_Pro WP_20150418_13_02_20_Pro WP_20150418_13_35_09_Pro WP_20150418_14_01_22_Pro WP_20150418_14_03_20_Pro WP_20150418_14_05_36_Pro WP_20150418_15_43_07_ProHe is the doctor who set Mr. Booth’s leg and let him rest in his home for several hours and then sent the posse the wrong direction when they tracked him to his house.  It was interesting to hear the history from Dr. Mudd’s family.  In one room of the house , he knew Booth and was part of the conspiracy to kidnap the President, in the next room he knew nothing about Booth, had never met him and simply set a strangers leg and let him rest for the night.  For that he was almost hung, contracted Yellow Fever and his family left destitute.  Oh the love of history and how it is told.  After we left the Booth home we went to the Surrate house, Mrs. Surrate was hung for her participation in the assassination.  Booth had guns hidden in her home and they had met there off and on to form the plans of the kidnapping.  Once again, it depended on who you talked to how guilty she was but our tour guide said not to underestimate her ability to run things and that she was no “poor little lady who got caught up in the game.”  It was interesting and a wonderful day with 4 wonderful sisters who are here serving their missions.

The third Sunday of every month is “Why I Believe” and if we don’t have classes to teach we drive the Elders up so they don’t have to drive back alone so late at night.

It is fun to see many of the Sisters and Elders that we have worked with and say Hi. WP_20150419_18_48_51_Pro WP_20150419_18_50_51_Pro WP_20150419_18_54_51_Pro WP_20150419_18_56_43_Pro WP_20150419_20_51_06_Pro WP_20150419_20_52_03_Pro The talks are always very inspirational and this time was no different.  The Fawkes are the new directors of the Visitors Center and they did a wonderful talk about having faith, and why they Believe in Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

We ended the month with a weekend of service which was so fun.  All of the Elders came with us to Donna’s house and moved furniture outside, and from one room to another.  It was a great time to serve, then two of the Elders went over to Julie’s and gave her a lesson on the Book of Mormon and helped her download to her tablet the children’s version to help her remember it better, while they were doing that Elder Rose built her some tiny steps going into her home and closing the 2″ gap so that when she wheels her chair out of the house it doesn’t thump and drop the battery.  Elder Rose had a lot of fun figuring out how to fix the problem and got to buy some new toys because we left all of his toys at home.  Then Elder Rose and I went to help a less active family move into a new place, where they will live until he retires from the Navy in November.  They are moving from a large home into a very small home that needs lots of fixing up so it will be interesting to see them adapt.  Elder Rose helped clean the yard and I washed walls and got them ready to be painted.  It was fun but we were very tired and ready to go home when the day was done. WP_20150424_10_35_40_Pro WP_20150424_10_41_15_Pro WP_20150424_10_44_01_Pro WP_20150424_10_44_57_Pro WP_20150424_13_11_58_Pro WP_20150424_13_26_11_Pro WP_20150424_13_27_58_Pro WP_20150424_17_23_04_Pro WP_20150424_17_35_00_Pro

On Saturday we did what is called “Christmas in April” it is a multi-church service project and we helped fix up the home of a 91 year old lady.  Windows were painted, the shed was cleaned, the yard cleared of debri, and Elder and Sister Rose cleaned out the flower beds and planted flowers for her.  Sister Rose was in heaven, playing in the dirt and smelling flowers.

WP_20150425_08_33_11_Pro WP_20150425_08_38_59_Pro WP_20150425_10_21_47_Pro WP_20150425_11_20_58_Pro WP_20150425_11_56_59_Pro WP_20150425_12_05_44_Pro WP_20150425_12_06_18_Pro

That day they said 227 volunteers helped at 67 homes.  It was a good weekend of service and we very tired but it was a good tired.

Our Mission President has decided to try a new way of training everyone so we now have Zone/District Meetings which last 3 hours every Thursday.  Our entire zone meets about halfway between everyone at the White Plains Chapel where we have a guest speaker, training from the zone leaders and then break into our districts for role play and local training and goal setting.  These are very informative but it make for a long day as we travel 45 minutes to and from the meeting.  Our first week we had the privileged of going to the temple where we did initiatory and a session and then met on the 7th floor for a special Priesthood Session.  It was a very wonderful day.WP_20150423_08_55_42_Pro WP_20150423_08_52_57_Pro WP_20150423_09_03_40_Pro WP_20150423_09_03_50_Pro WP_20150423_09_07_44_Pro WP_20150423_14_41_55_Pro WP_20150423_14_41_26_Pro cropped
10384379_10202795620531880_3189369856531049019_nWhile I was here doing service my brothers and sisters and kids and cousins and nieces and nephews were at my dad’s planting an apple orchard with a few peach trees for him.  He wanted an apple orchard for Christmas so everyone pitched in with money for the trees and muscle to help plant them.  I couldn’t be there except for a phone call, but they sent me pictures so I could see all the fun that I missed.  10996080_10206248859130876_5630495945409968641_n (1) 11150512_10202795628772086_1431802046168558830_n (1) 11178284_10202795622331925_4181790430782593558_n (1) 11178372_10202795616011767_7126113577596634477_n (1) 11193322_10202795628252073_5754958360301962651_n (1)



Friends and Family Visits are always fun


Kathy Allred, Debi Tabor, and Sister Rose posing by the hot rod at the restaurant after a wonderful dinner.

We love to have friends and family come and visit us here on our mission.  Most of the time we go up to DC to meet them because it is easier than them traveling 70 miles south.  Although we do have lots to see and do down here too.

Debbie Tabor and Kathy Allred and their husbands joined us for dinner while they were here on PTA business.

Stan and Jennifer Summers came from Tremonton bringing me hugs from my dad and taking some home.  We spent the day touring D.C. and loving every minute of being together.  Their friend who lives out here by us Carson Holden came too.  We walked over 6 miles and my feet were yelling at me by the time we finished but I loved every minute of being with them.


Elder Ron Rose with Stan Summers


Selfie at the Lincoln Memorial

10410159_893305277358599_5271566658358857690_n 10511065_893305707358556_4658286660912269990_n

WP_20150321_13_13_05_Pro WP_20150321_14_53_20_Pro WP_20150321_15_27_20_Pro WP_20150321_17_42_52_Pro

March 2015 Out with the Old and in with the New Transfer Day


Sister Rose, Elder Harrison, Elder Simons, Elder Ng, Elder Jensen, and Elder Rose

March has been a very interesting month.  Transfers happened and our area was almost white washed.  While it came as a surprise, change can always be good.   Saying good bye to the Elders Simons, Jensen, and Ng was bitter sweet, knowing they would go forth and carry on, hopefully having learned something from these spicy missionaries.

Transfer meeting is always fun, watching these missionaries who came here with 2 suitcases and a carry on bag try and get all they have accumulated into the back of our van and their car was almost funny.  What is interesting is they have to leave with 2 suitcases and a carry on bag.

I think we got it all in!

I think we got it all in!

How many shoes can one missionary wear?

How many shoes can one missionary wear?

WP_20150304_07_02_53_ProA lot of stuff gets mailed home before they leave.

We also get to see all of the missionaries who have worked with us before as in this mission everyone gathers from the far corners of the mission to load up and say farewell to those going home.  The testimony meeting is always a wonderful, very spiritual and uplifting.

Elder Ng says good bye to Elder Rose

Elder Ng says good bye to Elder Rose

Will miss the Sister Fafita Hugs

Will miss the Sister Fafita Hugs

This transfer we said good bye to Sister Fafita, she welcomed us to our apartment it seems like not very long ago, but it has been 7 months.  She is a wonderful missionary who will go forth and carry on for sure.  I will miss her hugs though.

Sister Whiteford and Sister Meirs

Sister Whiteford and Sister Meirs

We welcomed to the banana belt, Elders Little, Blackner, and Collins.  Elder Harrison stayed in our area for at least one more transfer.

Febrrrrrrrruarrrrrrry. No it is not spelled wrong it was a COLD February

The month of February was very cold, wet, snowy and interestingly enough ICY.  They have ice storms here in Maryland, it rains ice drops and they hurt when they hit.  It looks like rain but it is not nice to walk in and your definitely are not dancing in the “rain ice”.

Our month started out with our very own NO SUPER BOWL Sunday. WP_20150201_19_32_36_Pro WP_20150201_19_04_10_Pro The Elders were not able to get appointments so they came over for make your own Pizza’s, and to have Elder Rose help them with their GPS.

We then went to the Washington DC Temple Visitors Center with the Elders from Anacostia Ward.  Elder Thorup was one of our Elders before the transfer, and Christopher Griffin is a young enlisted Navy man who Elder and Sister Rose met at “Charlies” in January. WP_20150206_14_35_01_ProHe is now taking the discussions, and the missionaries asked us to go with them to the Visitors Center.  We had a wonderful visit, watching “Meet the Mormons” and then talking to Chris about all the times Heavenly Father has put people in his path to help him find his way home.


That night Patuxent Ward held a Pot Luck Dinner.  It was lots of fun and lots of really good food.WP_20150206_18_18_39_Pro WP_20150206_18_18_53_Pro WP_20150206_19_23_09_Pro - CopyWP_20150206_19_18_56_Pro  It was a lot of fun as we talked to lots of members of the ward.  There were several non-members in attendance and the food was great.

On Saturday the 7th, the young Elders joined Elder and Sister Rose at the Naval Air Museum for there work day.  We painted and moved exhibits as well as dusting everything, and mopping the floor.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. WP_20150207_09_54_18_Pro The Elders were excited to see the museum and be able to play with all the equipment, especially the ones that said “do not touch” as they had to move things around.  Elder Rose ran into one of the men he worked with at L-3.  He has retired out here and is on the Museum Board of directors.      
WP_20150207_10_42_18_Pro WP_20150207_10_53_09_Pro WP_20150207_10_54_12_Pro WP_20150207_10_54_25_Pro WP_20150207_11_21_46_Pro WP_20150207_11_56_28_Pro WP_20150207_11_57_11_Pro WP_20150207_11_57_23_Pro WP_20150207_12_03_00_Pro WP_20150207_12_43_45_Pro WP_20150207_12_44_14_Pro WP_20150207_12_44_53_Pro WP_20150207_12_45_31_Pro WP_20150207_12_47_25_Pro WP_20150207_12_47_36_Pro WP_20150207_12_50_52_ProWP_20150207_13_14_45_Pro

They worked very hard, and then Elder Rose took them on a tour of the airplanes outside and talked about what they did and how they worked.



Our Zone activity was a lot of fun as we played games and then had pizza and soda for lunch.  Each transfer the zone will get together for an activity so that everyone gets to know each other.  WP_20150209_10_07_38_Pro WP_20150209_10_20_38_Pro WP_20150209_10_21_29_Pro WP_20150209_10_43_33_Pro WP_20150209_10_50_40_Pro

Then came the ice storm!  It started raining ice before we went to bed but in the morning when we work up our car was covered in ice and it was frozen shut.  WP_20150210_09_21_24_Pro WP_20150210_09_21_30_Pro WP_20150210_09_22_36_Pro WP_20150210_09_22_42_Pro WP_20150210_09_28_09_ProElder Rose had to scrape the ice off the windows and we were worried that we would break the windows, the wipers were frozen down, so we broke the ice off the door handles and then got the doors to open so we could start the car and warm up the windshield so we could get the ice off it. It was very interesting and we have learned to put our windshield wipers up at night so they don’t freeze down.

We continue to attend the Mom and Baby Music classes here at our Apartment complex.  It is fun to play with the kids.  They all Love Elder Rose, and run to see him as we walk in or as they get there if we are early. WP_20150212_10_33_36_Pro WP_20150212_10_44_09_Pro WP_20150212_10_51_32_Pro Several of the mothers are non-members and it is fun to teach them the songs from the primary song book along with other contemporary children s songs.

We have the privilege of working with a military family and helping them strive to reach their next steps in the gospel.  We had dinner with them, and then made arrangements to take them to the Visitors Center to see the movie “Meet the Mormons”, we saw it in Spanish this time because the mom speaks mostly Spanish and the kids and dad are all bi-lingual. WP_20150213_21_43_48_Pro WP_20150216_13_19_21_Pro WP_20150216_13_19_31_Pro WP_20150216_13_20_55_Pro WP_20150216_13_21_21_Pro WP_20150216_13_28_05_Pro WP_20150216_13_30_20_Pro WP_20150216_13_48_35_Pro They really felt the spirit and we talked about the temple as we looked at the cut-away display.  While they would like to attend the temple, for the dad, it just seems like something that is hard to attain.  We met with them the following week to begin their family history.  We are hoping to find names that they can take to the temple and do baptisms as a family.  As we headed home it started to snow, our usual 1 hour trip took almost two hours.

Zone training was very good.  One of our Elders interviewed Brother Casto from Lexington Park Ward.  He and his wife are former ministers and he talked on the video about the “trinity” and what it means and how to help investigators from other faiths to understand our true relationship to our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ.  It was very informative and everyone learned a lot.  We then broke into groups and did role plays.  Zone training is always wonderful and Elder Rose and I learn so much from it.

WP_20150217_06_51_27_Pro WP_20150217_09_51_05_Pro WP_20150217_09_51_46_Pro WP_20150217_09_52_09_Pro

Snow, 8-10 inches of the beautiful white fluffy stuff.  When we woke in the morning it covered everything.  School here close for an inch so they were closed for the whole week when we got this much.  Elder Rose got up and put on his snow boots and then went out and began cleaning off the cars, he had a lot of fun giving service to all of our neighbors who were very appreciative of his hard work.  Sister Rose watched because we only have one snow scrapper.  Snow is much easier and much more fun to clean off the car than Ice.

For Valentines Day Elder Rose bought me “Eternal Flowers”. WP_20150214_21_23_37_Pro They are beautiful silk roses that will not wilt or die but be beautiful the rest of our stay here in Maryland.

We then joined the rest of the “spicy” (seasoned) missionaries on a tour of the National Cathedral in downtown Washington DC.  We loved the tour and learned a lot about the building.  Then we went to lunch at a popular restaurant called “Ebbits grill” which is just across the street from the White House.  The food was great but the company was even better.

WP_20150214_10_05_59_Pro WP_20150214_10_06_30_Pro WP_20150214_10_35_05_Pro WP_20150214_11_02_31_Pro WP_20150214_11_25_29_Pro WP_20150214_11_29_44_Pro WP_20150214_13_52_20_Pro WP_20150214_13_53_44_Pro


For P day we took our Elders to tour the White House.  Representative Love’s office were wonderful and made the arrangements for us.  Some of the Elders had been there before but it was fun to tour with one of the interns.  We got to skip all the lines and then had dinner in the House Dinning Room.

WP_20150223_10_02_59_Pro WP_20150223_10_16_09_Pro WP_20150223_10_21_50_Pro WP_20150223_10_25_42_Pro WP_20150223_10_45_29_Pro WP_20150223_10_50_57_Pro WP_20150223_10_53_26_Pro WP_20150223_10_54_02_Pro WP_20150223_11_00_28_Pro WP_20150223_11_02_45_Pro WP_20150223_11_03_23_Pro WP_20150223_11_03_35_Pro WP_20150223_11_12_04_Pro WP_20150223_11_38_30_Pro WP_20150223_12_37_13_Pro WP_20150223_12_41_28_Pro

WP_20150223_18_22_28_ProWe were invited to have FHE with the Bishop of Lexington Park and his wonderful family.  He has a beautiful young daughter and twins that just love Elder Rose.  We had Tai food and it was really good and then a fun lesson.  We enjoy joining others for FHE.



Mission wise our Chaplains days were very rewarding.  We had 6 Chaplains and assistants from Walter Reed Hospital attend the informative day.  It began at the DC Stake Center where they learned from the Stake President about the make up of our wards, and stakes. WP_20150219_08_51_13_Pro WP_20150219_09_10_01_Pro WP_20150219_09_10_49_Pro WP_20150219_09_12_28_Pro WP_20150219_09_14_14_Pro WP_20150219_09_21_42_Pro WP_20150219_10_24_25_Pro WP_20150219_11_58_10_Pro WP_20150219_12_47_10_Pro WP_20150219_14_06_51_Pro WP_20150219_14_07_05_Pro WP_20150219_14_08_12_Pro WP_20150219_14_46_06_Pro WP_20150219_15_42_04_Pro__highres

Then a tour of the building from the chapel to the auxiliary rooms where a member of the Primary Presidency talked about her calling, then Young Women’s President talked about our programs for our teenagers, and the Relief Society President talked about our Women’s programs and what we do.  Each Chaplain was given a copy of “Daughters in My Kingdom” to help them understand the Relief Society Program.  They then loaded onto the bus and drove to the Bishops Store house where they got to see first hand the church welfare program, the employment center, and our food storage items.  Then back to the Washington DC Temple Visitors center for an over view, a movie about Joseph Smith and an wonderful lunch.  After Lunch everyone was paired with the young Sisters and a Senior Missionary for a tour of the Visitors Center and the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ or Latter-day Saints.  One week later this event was held for the Chaplains of Andrews Air Force Base and a few of the out lying areas.  This time we had 13 Chaplains and Chaplain assistants, one of whom was LDS.   It was two very productive days and they have asked that we do this for them again next year.   We hope to do this at least once more this year for those who could not attend this time.

WP_20150225_13_20_46_Pro WP_20150225_13_20_57_Pro WP_20150225_13_21_50_Pro__highres






Our month ended with a temple trip to the Washington DC Temple with the Elders.  This is always a wonderful day as we get to do a session with all the Elders in our Zone.  The spirit is always so strong as these young men fill the endowment room with their love for our Savior.  After the session we always get Banana’s from Brother Henrichsen.  The Elders look forward to their treat and it holds them until we get to lunch.



Merry Christmas to us. Missionary transportation!


it will hold the whole district and the zone leaders

It is hard to believe that January is almost over.  It has been a very busy month with lots of wonderful missionary moments.  For Christmas we decided to buy a van so that we could take investigators and the missionaries to and from the visitors center in Washington D.C.  It was the best decision we could have made and it has been used a lot.  It fits 8 people in comfort and gets okay gas mileage.  It also has a DVD player which the Elders think is really cool as they can watch Church Video’s on our 2 hour drive to DC.

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President Eyring

Our most spiritual event was a visit from President Eyring to the Washington DC Visitors center, the unveiling of the temple cut away and the personal talk and blessing that he gave to all the missionaries.  He talked directly to each one looking at them and really talking to their hearts.  His message was to “do what Heavenly Father wants done, not what we want done.”  Looking back at the Mission President he said, “don’t worry about baptisms they will come as you follow the rules and work with the people in the way that Heavenly Father would.”  He told us that if we are having trouble teaching the people it’s because we have not truly come to know them and to love them.  He also told them that sometimes they just need to smile at someone to make a difference in their lives.  If they do not accept we are not failures unless we did not invite, what is important is that we are teaching by the spirit.  He then challenged them to make sure that all of their baptisms lead to the temple.  Within 90 to 120 days they should have found an ancestor and taken them to the temple to do their work.  He then left us with an apostolic blessing that we would “go forth clothed in the Power of Christ.”


Sister Rose and Sister Donna Cyrus


Elder Simons, Elder Jensen, their investigator Joclyn and her member friend.

As the month continued we were able to make several more trips to the visitors center with investigators.  We took Donna Cyrus she was referred to us by her brother and sister and we had a wonderful visit with her and she enjoyed the VC and the statue of the Savior the most.  She has begun taking the discussions and we pray that she will set a baptismal date.  She is reading both the Bible and the Book of Mormon together and finds it interesting that they compliment each other so much.The Elders asked us to take one of their investigators up with them.  They spent most of the day at the VC while we were in a Family History Class.  Their investigator has set a baptismal date for March 28th.  It was set for February but her mom asked that she wait 3 months because she doesn’t want her to rush into the decision.  The Elders were unhappy until they remembered what President Eyring said about doing what the Lord wants and not what they want.

Transfers are always interesting, this transfer our District Leader Elder Bodda was transferred and our new District Leader was Elder Ng.  We have a great district and learn a lot from these wonderful young missionaries as we meet with them each week.


Elder Ng, Elder Jensen, Elder Bodda, and Elder Simon


Sister Rose, Elder Bodda, and Elder Rose


Elder Jensen, Elder Simon, Elder Bodda and Elder Ng


Elder Harrison and Elder Ng

Our new missionary to join the “Banana Belt”  because we live in the south and have very little snow.  Is Elder Harrison from Orem Utah.  We are excited to get to know him.

We ended our month on a spiritual high with Elder Rose being able to ordain Brother Hurrey who was baptized in October to the office of an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood .  We then were able to help him get his dad and grandparents names ready to be taken to the temple where he could do the work for them.  Sister Rose had the privilege of being baptized for his grandmothers.  He told us that he went through the open house for the Washington DC temple with his grandmother when he was a teenager.  The spirit was very strong and it was wonderful to watch him and participate with him in this sacred work for his dad and grandparents.  He is excited to do more family history work and come to the temple often as he waits for his year to be over so he can receive the endowment and finish the work for all of his ancestors and have them sealed together.


Brother Earl Hurrey at the Temple for his first visit


Elder Rose and Brother Hurrey


Elder Rose and Brother Hurrey inside the Visitors Center looking at the temple cut away. Brother Hurrey remembered going through the temple during the open house when he was a young boy.


The new Visitor Center Director talking to Brother Hurrey and Elder Rose

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

Our Thanksgiving was filled with love and hugs as our two sons came to visit, and eat with us.  Kyle flew in from Utah and Josh and Jim drove down with our grand-puppies from New York.

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It was a beautiful day after the day before being snowy and rainy and cold.  We had a great dinner with everyone helping to cook and then played games and talked.

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On Friday we took the Metro into DC and met Josh and Jim there for lunch and quick tour of the city.  We went to the Navy Memorial and then to the Natural History Smithsonian Museum.  The Navy Memorial is new and so it was fun to see it.  There is even a plaque for the wives and families who served by keeping the home fires burning.

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November Up Dates from Elder and Sister Rose

November was filled with a lot of driving and learning.  It is beautiful here in Maryland in the Fall as all of the trees turn colors and the leaves begin to fall off and cover the ground.  WP_20141109_16_40_47_Pro WP_20141109_16_41_11_Pro WP_20141109_16_41_39_Pro WP_20141109_16_41_55_Pro WP_20141109_16_45_39_Pro WP_20141109_16_46_16_Pro WP_20141109_16_47_30_Pro WP_20141109_16_49_14_Pro WP_20141109_16_49_32_Pro

We are working with a lot of less active members and feel so bad when we learn they have left the church because someone hurt their feelings.  There is always two sides to every story but I know we can all try harder to be nicer to each other.  Our Savior was always kind even when he was disappointed in the actions of others.  The good news is that so far everyone has said we can come back again, so we will keep giving messages and praying for their hearts to soften.

Elder Rose had the privilege of ordaining Brother Hurrey to the Aaronic Priesthood and we have begun to teach him how to do his Family History.  It was so fun to help him add the names and then find ancestors in Family Search.  He got so excited when he was able to learn the name of his grandmother, and his great grandparents.  His said,”man this is addicting”, I can’t wait to find more of my family.  He is looking forward to taking his Father and Grandfather to the temple and do their baptisms and having someone do the work for his daughter Katlin who died when she was 9 years old.WP_20141116_20_40_26_Pro WP_20141125_12_52_38_Pro WP_20141125_12_52_49_Pro

We also got to go to training with Elder Kacher from the Seventy.  He was really interesting and the training was very good.  We drove up to Chevy Chase Maryland where the fireside was being held for all of the Senior Missionaries.  It was a beautiful drive as we went through downtown DC.

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We ended the month with a trip to the White House as a mission.  It was fun to be these young Elders and Sisters as they toured, most for the first time and many from other countries.  It was much different from when we were there with our little ones (who are now all grown up).  Security is very tight only the museum part of the White House is open for tours.  WP_20141121_08_03_49_Pro WP_20141121_08_04_26_Pro WP_20141121_08_51_38_Pro WP_20141121_09_42_13_Pro