We got our Mission Call

What fun opening our mission call with our kids on Skype and phone, texting and Ronda’s Dad on the phone with us.  After  a lot of wondering where we would go we were excited to be headed to Washington DC North Mission, Military Relations at Andrews Air Force Base.  We each received a separate letter so we were excited to find that we get serve in the same mission.


Washington DC Temple

A few days later we talked to President Peter Cooke who is our mission president and he said that we would also be able to serve in the Temple, then a few days later we got a phone call letting us know that we will be living in California MD right outside the US Naval Base Pax River.  We found California MD and are excited that we will be working with the military families there.

Our mission covers 43 military installations and there are 6 people to cover them all, so we will be doing lots of traveling.

California  Maryland Here We Come!