First Stop Cheyenne Wyoming

Our first stop was Saturday Afternoon at Cheyenne Wyoming.  We could not get a room at the base or at Little America, so we ended up staying at a very nice Holiday Inn Express.  When we arrived we decided

Welcome to Wyoming

Welcome to Wyoming

to go to an early dinner before unpacking.  There was an OutBack across the parking lot so we walked over.  During our dinner we noticed the couple to our right and heard words like, “Stake Conference, General Conference and Young Women, so we decided that they were members of the church and were going to ask them which wards met at 9:00 in the morning.  We had looked up the wards on our phones and were putting the addresses in for the next morning when the “Bishop” came over and sat down at our booth.  He said that he had noticed our tags and that if we were Military Relations then we would want to attend his ward.  He then asked us what Military Relation Missionaries were, we spend about 30 minutes answering his questions, he then asked us to attend their wards PEC the next morning.

We went back to our room and got out our “training book” and decided what copies we needed to make, Ron took them down to the lobby and the wonderful staff made copies for us.  We then went over the plan as to what we needed to talk about.  The next morning we attended the PEC meeting and gave them the copies we had made and answered questions until time for church, the Bishop asked us to stay after Sacrament meeting and meet with the RS President.  So we attended Sacrament meeting and then spent the next hour with the RS President going over the Family Resiliency training, and made a copy for the Bishop.  At the end of the meeting they asked if they could call Salt Lake and just tell them that we were going to stay there instead of going on.  We laughed and said no, but talked to them about calling retired military members of their own ward to be service missionaries for the stake.  We gave the Bishop and the RS President the numbers to contact in Salt Lake for more information, and began our drive to Omaha for our next stop.

We are excited to be servant of our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.


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