Kirtland, Ohio


Kirtland Temple

We spent the night in Indiana and then the next morning began the drive to Kirtland Ohio.  The home of the first restored Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was here that the keys of the restoration were returned to earth by our Savior Jesus Christ, Abraham, Moses and Elijah.WP_20140820_16_43_53_Pro__highres  Actual endowments were not done in this temple, but during it’s dedication is when “The Spirit of God” was first sung.  Diaries and Journal entries tell of seeing angles in the sky and that they temple glowed while it was being dedicated.  Over 2,000 members of the church attended the dedication.  The temple now belongs to the R-LDS and you pay a fee to tour it, and you can not take any pictures but it was a wonderful experience to be inside and feel of the spirit that is still there.

From the Kirtland Temple we went up to the Church Visitor Center, which is located on the town square with the Newell K Whitney Store.  We took the free tour with two darling Sister Missionaries and two young men who were also on the tour at the temple with us.  We enjoyed very much seeing the historic town, the restored Newell K Whitney store where Joseph Smith taught the “School of the Prophets”,WP_20140820_18_18_32_Pro WP_20140820_18_21_50_Pro WP_20140820_18_23_44_Pro WP_20140820_18_24_03_Pro__highres this is where the Word of Wisdom was given.  In the store we found a ledger that had Ron’s Ancestor Israel Barlow in the daily log.  It was fun to see what he had bought at the store and to know that life was real and full of many of the same things we do today.  We marveled at the number of revelations that were received in this humble home and how they have affected our lives today.

While upstairs in the “school of the prophets” I bore my testimony of the importance of the Word of Wisdom that was given to the church. WP_20140820_18_44_54_Pro It saved my life while we were living in Pensacola Florida and I contracted a form of pneumonia that is called “Legionnaires disease”  The Dr.’s from the CDC came from Florida to interview me, because everyone else had died from the disease, as they asked me questions they were all covered in the Word Of Wisdom, and the Dr. stated that living it had saved my life.

We left the Store, and walked around outside looking at the lumber mill and other stores that had been replicated to look like the originals.  WP_20140820_19_17_39_ProThe lumber mill is a working mill and the water wheel was turning around.  It was a beautiful day and the spirit was so very strong.  Back at the visitors center we received print outs on a few of Ron’s Ancestors who were there and Eric (Erie) Rhodes who sold Joseph Smith a lot of land.  What a fabulous day.  As the sun set we headed back to our room to contemplate the things we had learned and reread the D&C chapters that covered the revelations received in this town.

Elder Rose commented that it was interesting, the two buildings where the revelations were received, ” the Kirtland Temple, and the Whitney Home, had been preserved through all of the turmoil, mob attacks, etc. and were able to be restored not rebuilt.  The Lord had preserved them through it all.



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