New York New York


Josh and Elder Rose


Playing with the Puppies


Josh and his MOM (Sister Rose)

From Kirtland we drove through Pennsylvania to our son Joshua’s up state home.  The mission president had told us to visit family on our way out and we felt very strongly that we needed to take a day and stop and see Joshua. WP_20140822_12_23_38_Pro WP_20140822_12_28_05_Pro WP_20140822_12_29_17_Pro  We also got to spend time on Joshua’s 7 acre woods, playing with our grandpuppies, and just enjoying a break from driving and stress.  Jim had surgery so he was unable to go any where so we spent most of the time at their house.   We went to lunch at our favorite Italian Restaurant in Oneonta, Alfresco’s Italian Bistro it is owned by friends of Josh and Jim and has the best food.


Father and Son working together


The dress is the main set piece and all of the props are found inside pockets.

We had a wonderful visit with Josh and Jim and then the treat of treats we got to go to Kingston NY and see one of the plays that he designed the lighting for and helped with set design. He informed us that our “Mission” that day would be helping him set up the lights for the play.  That was a lot of fun and it was neat to meet the people he works with on a regular basis.   It is a simple set and the lighting he designed couldn’t be used because the play was being presented in an old church.  It was the “old dutch church” and was first built in the 1500’s the building that the play was in was built in 1835 so there was not much electrical wiring available.  Josh did a wonderful job of using just white light on the dress and the actress and it was really good.  It is always fun to watch your children be successful.   WP_20140822_17_47_18_Pro WP_20140822_16_58_49_Pro WP_20140822_16_58_34_Pro

The play is called “The Other Mozart” and is a monologue about Mozart’s older sister, and her life behind the spotlights.

Josh made really good cookies for us to take with us and they made a great breakfast the next morning as we began the last leg of our trip to Maryland.


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