1st Week Continues!


Lift where you stand! The arm trucks work really well.


so many boxes so little space!

After we left the church we headed straight to our first service project for Lexington Park/Patuxent Ward. They were helping a sister who had just remarried to move with her new husband to California.  The couple  were renting a moving van and pay by the cubic inch so the goal was to get as much stuff in as little space as possible. WP_20140830_09_44_44_Pro WP_20140830_10_26_33_Pro WP_20140830_10_50_37_Pro WP_20140830_11_59_49_Pro











The “Load Master” Elder Rose, has able to make this work and with the help of men from both wards the van was packed in 3 hours and within the budgeted space.  Elder Rose was soaked all the way through only the tips of his collar were dry by the time we finished.


Then it was home for a nap, and then off to YSA Volley Ball.  The YSA meets every Saturday night for volleyball, since we had invited Carson Holden to meet us there, we had to wake up and go.  It was a lot of fun to meet Carson who is my cousin Talan Summers best friend.  We also got to meet a lot of the Young Single Adults one of whom is a less active- member and in the military but comes out on Saturday’s to play volleyball and then comes to church on Sunday sometimes.  We took the left over donuts and had a good time.  Elder Rose even played until they got enough there to make two full teams.

WP_20140830_19_45_27_Pro WP_20140830_19_46_34_Pro WP_20140830_19_53_14_Pro WP_20140830_19_54_52_Pro


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