Lexington Park, Maryland, Elder and Sister Rose have arrived!

Our drive from New York through Pensylrania WP_20140821_16_12_15_Prowas just that very very Rainy, but it was a beautiful drive and we were excited because our last stop would be at our own apartment.  We were met by the Sister Missionaries who had our key.WP_20140829_08_34_00_Pro They had helped to put our apartment together and it looked really cute, they also vacuumed the floor and then helped us move all of our stuff in from the car.  One of the Sisters is from Tonga (Sister Fifita), one is from Tahiti (Sister Bertholon) and one is from Deweyville, Utah (Sister Whiteford).  Sister Whiteford saw the bucket of honey from honeyville and got excited and asked how we came to have it.  She was excited to find out that we grew up in Tremonton and went to Bear River High School.  They are all wonderful Sisters and very strong.  We  really appreciated their help.  Once we had everything inside they left to go to an appointment and we began the inventory.  Then we went shopping (had to go then, we had no TP).  We bought a few things that we needed and some food to make it until Monday, knowing we would have more time to make a better list of necessities on Sunday.  As the Sisters were leaving they said “see you at ward council at 7:15 in the morning.”


An electric stove, Elder Rose hopes I will relearn how to cook eggs without burning them during the 22 months left.


The counters and cupboards are really high.


The net nook is nice for the computer and is a mini office


Office or small bedroom, will get airbed for extra company



Our Apartment has two bedroom, two bathrooms, with an internet nook, dinning area, livingroom, small office, kitchen, laundry, and storage room.  It is quite nice and we have had fun fixing it up.  It reminds me a lot of being newly weds only we don’t have wedding gifts to set the apartment up but we aren’t dead broke either so it works out.  I have to relearn how to use an electric stove top, which has been quite comical, poor Elder Rose is wondering if his new “Bride” is ever going to be able to cook eggs again.  He says I’m getting better and he eats them even if they are much crispier than he likes.

The cupboards are really high so we had to buy a step stool and even with that I can only reach the third shelf.  The Laundry room only fits one person but it makes doing laundry really easy to get the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  The dishwasher would not turn on nor would the microwave and then we were playing with switches and discovered that both appliances have a switch to turn them on and off.  We are leaving them on for now.

My kids have always said that I have an eclectic personality when it comes to decorating, so I am right at home with the fun assortment of furniture that we have. WP_20140828_13_53_57_Pro WP_20140828_13_54_31_Pro We also have some beautiful pictures of the Washington DC temple and one of Joseph Smith reading the bible.  Our few decorating items that we brought from home fit right in.



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