Nauvoo, Illinois Day 1

On Monday we had hoped to go to the Nauvoo Temple for an early afternoon session but the drive from Omaha to Nauvoo was filled with construction and we were going no where fast or even slow.  WP_20140818_11_53_16_Pro WP_20140818_11_55_19_ProWe stopped at the memorial that President Lorenzo Snow dedicated at Mt. Pisgah.  Elder Rose read about this when he was teaching the high priest lessons last year.










A 4 hour drive ended up taking 8 hours so we got there late but driving up and seeing the Temple was worth the long drive. WP_20140818_20_23_10_Pro__highres WP_20140818_20_23_35_Pro






We able to walk around the grounds a little,WP_20140818_19_48_30_Pro then went to dinner and saw the night show.  Elder Rose can still say he hasn’t seen Nauvoo, so we will have to stop on our way home in 2 years.  We did get some pictures of the Temple that night WP_20140818_20_29_48_Pro__highres WP_20140818_20_38_28_Pro











and Elder Rose found a statue of his Great, Great, etc. Grandfather Israel Barlow.




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