Our 1st Week in the Mission Field !

Moving into an apartment is an adventure as you think of all the things you need and were left behind, or put into storage.  We had fun “shopping” to stock the apartment and of course this meant projects for Elder Rose, which means he was a happy camper.  We bought shelves to put in the storage room, so we could buy larger amounts of flour, sugar, and tp. WP_20140828_19_27_27_Pro WP_20140828_19_29_48_ProHe put them together and of course they are working really well, so now Sister Rose can make Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls to take to the less active families we have been asked to visit.

On Monday, while Sister Rose did the laundry Elder Rose was given the task of vacuuming the floor after we got everything moved in, so of course that meant:WP_20140901_10_19_44_Pro Step 1  Take the vacuum apart,   Step 2 look up on Google what all the parts are,  Step 3  Put the vacuum back together adding and subtracting parts as needed?  Step 4, vacuum the floor!!!!  He says, Hey it works and now you can step on the “thingy” and the vacuum head goes down.  So glad I married a man who likes to fix things.

The rest of the week was spent organizing our apartment, driving around the area, checking into the base and just getting to know our way around.  Then on Wednesday we received an email from the mission office detailing the emergency procedures for different types of problems that may arise.  We sat down and read them and then use the email to make sure that our printer would work.  It was 13 pages long.  Friday we received an email from the mission office saying that Saturday morning the young elders and sisters would receive a “text, email, or phone call” letting them know that they were to report to the closest church house with their 72 hour packs and follow the directions that they had received on Thursday.  We were to plan on being at the church before 7:00 with our emergency packs etc. so we could welcome them and that donuts would probably be appreciated as they should arrive without eating and possible without getting dressed.


We have arrived, and we have our packs! Sister Whiteford, Sister Fifita, Elder Wendt and Lim.

Our Missionaries were there by 6:45 in their P-day clothes? with their kits but none of them had read the plan, several had downloaded it onto their i-pads however. We had taken our printout so we went over it with them and then waited for the “all Clear so we could leave.”  Since the all clear wasn’t coming, we played volleyball.  (yes, our missionaries brought their volleyball along with their 72 hour packs!)  It was fun, and they loved the milk, orange juice and donuts.  We were finally released about 8:10.


This is a copy of the “Plan” drawn by our DL Elder Lim.


Sister Whiteford, Sister Bertholon, Elder Clemons


Donuts for everyone!


Elder Rose had our 72 hour pack and we knew it was all there because it was still in the box!


Lexington District, Sister Fifita, Sister Rose, D L Elder Lim, Back row: Elder Wendt, Elder Clemons, Elder Thorpe, Sister Bertholon, and Sister Whiteford


The mighty District Missionaries of Lexington Park!


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