September Mission Updates


WP_20140909_11_58_50_Pro Pizza after District Meeting

September has been a very busy month so far.   We are attending the District Meetings now with the young Elders and Sisters every Tuesday morning and really enjoy learning from them.

On Friday September 13th we had the privilege of having lunch with President and Sister Cooke along with several of the other new Senior (they call them Seasoned) Missionaries.  It was a wonderful lunch and President Cooke talked about the goals and responsibility changes he would be making especially for us.  Our main work will still be with Military families and service members but we will also be his “eyes, ears, arms, and hugs” for the young missionaries.  We get to go on visits with them, attend their district meetings, and do apartment inspections.  We are excited about working with them as we already love them.  President Cooke said we will be getting more Sisters who are proselyting missionaries and not transfers from the visitors center, they will also be fresh from the MTC and their trainer will not have been out very long, so we get to love them into the work.

After lunch we met with Elder and Sister Lewey who are the other Military Relations Missionary couple here in Washington DC North.  We had a good visit with them and it was determined that Elder Rose and I will now be working with 4 more wards, 2 more buildings.  We will be working with the Calvert and Bayside wards, and the White Plains 1st and 2nd wards.  We are excited to add these wards to our visit list.


Violin Duet


Sister Berthalon and Sister Fifita


The Anderson Family

WP_20140913_19_17_04_Pro - Copy

top row: Sister Berthalon, Sister Whiteford, Sister Fifita Bottom Row: Elder Lim, Elder Thorpe, Elder Wendt, & Elder Clemons

Saturday Lexington Park Ward had a talent night and it was well attended and a lot of fun, from Karate demonstrations, violin and cello playing, a bread making demonstration, and a family that did a cute song and dance.  The families had a lot of talents to share and the Sisters from our district did a hula and Tahitian dance and then the Elders and Sisters did a Tongan chant together.  It was well done and lots of fun to watch.  I made cookies and brownies to share.  We met some oWP_20140913_19_21_38_Prof the new members and one of them was from East Garland, Utah.  That was fun, finding someone from my home town all the way out here,  Brother McCombs grew up in East Garland and my dad knows his parents really well.

On Sunday we drove across the Patuxent  River to the Calvert and Bayside Wards.  It was fun to meet their leadership at the ward council meetings and discuss what we can do to help them.  The spirit was very strong as they discussed the needs of their ward members.  You can truly feel the love that they have for each one.  They will get a list made of the military members so we can start doing “cookie bombings” and meet each of them.  They have more active duty in their wards and have deployments coming up so we hope to be able to teach the “Family Resiliency” classes.  Next week we will attend the White Plains wards and get to know them, then we will begin visiting the wards once every three weeks or so.  We go to Ward Council Meeting and then attend the rest of the block meetings so we usually get two Sunday school classes, and one Sacrament Meeting, one Relief Society and Priesthood  Meeting.  In all our Sundays starts around 6:00 am as we head out the door and we get home around 6:00 pm.  Then we end our day by Skyping with our Kyle, Kim and Lisa’s families.  Great way to spend our Sabbath.


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