Sailing with the Super Spicy (Seasoned) Missionaries


President and Sister Cooke with their daughter


Loading one of the boats


Elder Rose


Sister Rose

September is gone and October is here.  We have been so busy but I am not sure where the month went.  It has been a wonderful time serving here in Washington DC.  We had the privilege of going sailing with the Senior Missionaries (Super Seasoned or “Spicy” is what we are called).  President Tate a former mission president loves to share his boats (and his neighbors) with the missionaries once a year.  It was a fabulous day as we boarded the sailboats and headed out into the Patuxent River for a morning of sailing.  The wind was perfect for sailing, so we didn’t have to use the outboard motor except to get into and out of the pier.  So beautiful to watch the water and then President Tate gave us a wonderful history lesson about the war of 1812 and the part that the river and this area of Maryland played in it.


crab feast

After we returned we had a crap feast all the crap you wanted, but you had to find the meat and these are tiny crabs but they were really good once you learned the tricks.  It was a wonderful day spent with wonderful missionaries and friends.


The Kelly’s


Great Missionaries and friends


lots of food to enjoy


President saying farewell to couple leaving


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