Baptisms are the Best

October has been a wonderful month but has gone by so quickly.  The weather here is turning cold, and the leaves are starting to turn color and are so pretty as we drive hundreds of miles a week to visit families and members. WP_20141018_14_32_00_Pro

The highlight of this month has been the baptisms of two men we were able to help teach with the Elders here in Lexington Park Ward.  It is such a blessing to watch the changes in their lives as they come unto Christ.

As we began teaching Earl he had been working with some men in Arizona and liked what he saw in their lives, so he asked them what made them different and they introduced him to the church and then called our Mission President and asked him to get in touch with Earl.  His daughter had been killed in an auto accident several years ago and his church sort of blamed him for her death because he wasn’t attending church the way they thought he should so he stopped going, he said he had been looking ever since then to find God again and then started working for this company in Arizona.   He had a desire to be baptized in Hawaii in December, we helped him move the date up and he was baptized by his friend in Gilbert Arizona.  His big concerns were his coffee and his foster daughter.  He said he had been tapering off and set a date to stop drinking coffee, but then woke up one morning and said, “Why am I waiting?  I know the church is true, so starting today I will not drink any more coffee.”  He said he had a headache but no desire to have coffee or anything else with caffeine.


Elder and Sister Rose with Earl Hurrey


Elder Wendt and Elder Clemons with Earl Hurrey

The true miracle is his foster daughter, she and her husband had no desire for religion in their lives and he was concerned about her thoughts about him becoming a member.  The day he decided to tell her, he called (she lives in Colorado Springs) and said that he had made a decision and wanted to tell her about it.  She said, “Oh Pops, are you going to become a Mormon?  We have the neatest neighbors who have invited us to dinner and they are Mormon’s and I told them that you needed to be one too.  They are just like you.”  She flew to Arizona to be at his baptism and she and her husband talked all the way home about the feelings that they felt at the baptism and then went over to their neighbors home to talk to them as soon as they got back.

While we were not present at the Baptism we have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to have felt the joy of his conversion.

The other baptism was a young man whose father and step mother were baptized several months ago.  He had been searching for peace since his mom passed away from cancer.  We talked to him about the temple and families being together forever.  He said that he often felt his mom was there with him.  He loved the part of the Book of Mormon where the brother of Jared takes the stones and asks God to make light for the boats.  He said, that is the way God works isn’t it.  He does as much as he can for us (told them how to build the boats etc.) then he tells us to find the answers to the rest and He will tell us if it’s right.  He is now planning on going on a mission in a year.



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