District Meetings and Transfers for the Elders and Sisters

We love going to our District Meetings.  Our District Leader is Elder Wendt and he does a wonderful job.  We learn so much from the young Elders and Sisters as they do training.   We learned from Elder Wendt and Elder Clemmons that it is important to “Gird up your Loins”  Elder Clemmons demonstrated what it meant to “gird up your loins” and explained the importance of being able to work hard.  The demonstration was beneficial to us all, and had us all laughing really hard.WP_20141014_09_42_23_Pro WP_20141014_09_42_36_Pro WP_20141014_09_42_42_Pro WP_20141014_09_42_50_Pro WP_20141014_09_42_56_Pro WP_20141014_09_43_03_Pro

Before each transfer we do apartment inspections.  The Elders apartment was fairly good except they decided to play ball inside the house and in doing so broke the light fixture.  We took them to Lowe’s to replace the light fixture and the bulb and they promised no more playing ball in the house, at least not where there are any light fixtures.  Then we went over to the Sisters Apartment with our white gloves and magnifying glass and CSI flashlight.  We knew that they would be leaving (they didn’t know yet) so we did a very in depth inspection mostly so we would know what had to be done the following week once tWP_20141023_10_41_14_Prohey receive noticWP_20141023_10_42_25_Proe of their transfer.  WP_20141023_10_40_53_Pro   WP_20141023_10_42_33_Pro Elder Rose had an interesting time teaching them how to use the garbage disposal.  It was jammed so he taught them how to un-jam it.  Then we checked for the smoke alarms and discovered that one of them had been removed, when we asked where it was and why it had been removed, they said every time they used the oven it went off which lead Sister Rose to open the oven for inspection.  We discussed cleaning thWP_20141023_11_14_37_Proe oven which the promised they would do and Elder Rose put the fire alarm back up with the battery in it.

The transfer which usually happens on Wednesday was suddenly called for on Monday, so all of the packing and cleaning was moved up really fast.  The office was suppose to be there to get furniture and belongings at 10:00 so Elder Rose and I were planning on being there at 9:30.  We arrived to find that the Mission Office personnel were already there and loading stuff, the Sisters were madly trying to pack their personal belongings among the moving.  It was to say the least a three ring circus.  The Sister also decided not to cancel their lunch appointments (not wise).  The Sisters  were moving, packing, cleaning and trying to be ready for lunch appointments all at the same time.  It was not a very funny joke, but all was finally accomplished and we got the key to the Apartment Office at 5:01.  It closes at 5:00 but the sweet lady had not turned her sign so she was willing to let us in.  I admit after we got back from the lunch appointments I put on my “Mommy Voice” and they were great to get the work done.  Sister Whiteford was elected to clean the oven, Elder Rose went and bought oven cleaner and we taught them how to clean an Oven and Spackle the holes in the walls.  It was fun to watch them work together, and they had fun putting pink spackle on the walls and then watch it turn white  They said if they had known how fun this was they would have put more holes in the walls.  Oh Dear! not the outcome we had hoped for.


Sister Whiteford cleaning the oven


Sister Fafita cleaning the tops of the cabinets

WP_20141027_15_05_27_Pro WP_20141027_15_38_44_Pro WP_20141027_16_00_05_Pro WP_20141027_16_01_03_Pro WP_20141027_16_03_42_Pro


District Meeting was very small on Tuesday but we still learned from each other and then had Testimony meeting then the traditional lunch at Mission BBQ in Lexington Park.


cartoon of the Elders kicking the Sisters out of the District with love


What degree of Glory are your investigators in at this time


Elders: Jensen, Wendt, Clemons, & Thorp


Elder Clemons last day in our district.




Elder Rose, Elder Thorpe, Elder Jensen, Elder Wendt, Elder Clemons, Sister Berthalon, Sister Fafita, Sister Whiteford, Sister Rose. Sister Moore had already left with her new companions

On Wednesday we left very early to drive to transfer meeting at the Temple Visitors Center where new District Leaders and Zone Leaders were announced and new companionships were made.  Then we got to watch “Meet the Mormons”  A wonderful movie, we laughed and cried and laughed some more.  It was great, then time to say good bye to our Sisters and Elder Clemons with one last picture of our District.WP_20141029_12_26_10_Pro WP_20141029_12_26_14_Pro WP_20141029_12_26_31_Pro WP_20141029_12_27_37_Pro



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