November Up Dates from Elder and Sister Rose

November was filled with a lot of driving and learning.  It is beautiful here in Maryland in the Fall as all of the trees turn colors and the leaves begin to fall off and cover the ground.  WP_20141109_16_40_47_Pro WP_20141109_16_41_11_Pro WP_20141109_16_41_39_Pro WP_20141109_16_41_55_Pro WP_20141109_16_45_39_Pro WP_20141109_16_46_16_Pro WP_20141109_16_47_30_Pro WP_20141109_16_49_14_Pro WP_20141109_16_49_32_Pro

We are working with a lot of less active members and feel so bad when we learn they have left the church because someone hurt their feelings.  There is always two sides to every story but I know we can all try harder to be nicer to each other.  Our Savior was always kind even when he was disappointed in the actions of others.  The good news is that so far everyone has said we can come back again, so we will keep giving messages and praying for their hearts to soften.

Elder Rose had the privilege of ordaining Brother Hurrey to the Aaronic Priesthood and we have begun to teach him how to do his Family History.  It was so fun to help him add the names and then find ancestors in Family Search.  He got so excited when he was able to learn the name of his grandmother, and his great grandparents.  His said,”man this is addicting”, I can’t wait to find more of my family.  He is looking forward to taking his Father and Grandfather to the temple and do their baptisms and having someone do the work for his daughter Katlin who died when she was 9 years old.WP_20141116_20_40_26_Pro WP_20141125_12_52_38_Pro WP_20141125_12_52_49_Pro

We also got to go to training with Elder Kacher from the Seventy.  He was really interesting and the training was very good.  We drove up to Chevy Chase Maryland where the fireside was being held for all of the Senior Missionaries.  It was a beautiful drive as we went through downtown DC.

WP_20141030_15_04_00_Pro WP_20141112_16_50_21_Pro WP_20141112_16_51_14_Pro WP_20141113_15_52_24_Pro

We ended the month with a trip to the White House as a mission.  It was fun to be these young Elders and Sisters as they toured, most for the first time and many from other countries.  It was much different from when we were there with our little ones (who are now all grown up).  Security is very tight only the museum part of the White House is open for tours.  WP_20141121_08_03_49_Pro WP_20141121_08_04_26_Pro WP_20141121_08_51_38_Pro WP_20141121_09_42_13_Pro


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