Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

Our Thanksgiving was filled with love and hugs as our two sons came to visit, and eat with us.  Kyle flew in from Utah and Josh and Jim drove down with our grand-puppies from New York.

WP_20141127_19_20_42_Pro WP_20141127_18_12_39_Pro WP_20141127_12_29_44_Pro

It was a beautiful day after the day before being snowy and rainy and cold.  We had a great dinner with everyone helping to cook and then played games and talked.

WP_20141127_13_30_00_Pro WP_20141127_13_48_52_Pro WP_20141127_13_49_17_Pro WP_20141127_14_07_19_Pro WP_20141127_14_21_25_Pro WP_20141127_14_21_32_Pro WP_20141127_18_33_39_Pro WP_20141127_18_33_46_Pro

On Friday we took the Metro into DC and met Josh and Jim there for lunch and quick tour of the city.  We went to the Navy Memorial and then to the Natural History Smithsonian Museum.  The Navy Memorial is new and so it was fun to see it.  There is even a plaque for the wives and families who served by keeping the home fires burning.

WP_20141128_12_18_24_Pro WP_20141128_12_21_51_Pro WP_20141128_14_26_42_Pro WP_20141128_14_54_02_Pro WP_20141128_14_55_39_Pro WP_20141128_15_03_26_Pro


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