Merry Christmas to us. Missionary transportation!


it will hold the whole district and the zone leaders

It is hard to believe that January is almost over.  It has been a very busy month with lots of wonderful missionary moments.  For Christmas we decided to buy a van so that we could take investigators and the missionaries to and from the visitors center in Washington D.C.  It was the best decision we could have made and it has been used a lot.  It fits 8 people in comfort and gets okay gas mileage.  It also has a DVD player which the Elders think is really cool as they can watch Church Video’s on our 2 hour drive to DC.

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President Eyring

Our most spiritual event was a visit from President Eyring to the Washington DC Visitors center, the unveiling of the temple cut away and the personal talk and blessing that he gave to all the missionaries.  He talked directly to each one looking at them and really talking to their hearts.  His message was to “do what Heavenly Father wants done, not what we want done.”  Looking back at the Mission President he said, “don’t worry about baptisms they will come as you follow the rules and work with the people in the way that Heavenly Father would.”  He told us that if we are having trouble teaching the people it’s because we have not truly come to know them and to love them.  He also told them that sometimes they just need to smile at someone to make a difference in their lives.  If they do not accept we are not failures unless we did not invite, what is important is that we are teaching by the spirit.  He then challenged them to make sure that all of their baptisms lead to the temple.  Within 90 to 120 days they should have found an ancestor and taken them to the temple to do their work.  He then left us with an apostolic blessing that we would “go forth clothed in the Power of Christ.”


Sister Rose and Sister Donna Cyrus


Elder Simons, Elder Jensen, their investigator Joclyn and her member friend.

As the month continued we were able to make several more trips to the visitors center with investigators.  We took Donna Cyrus she was referred to us by her brother and sister and we had a wonderful visit with her and she enjoyed the VC and the statue of the Savior the most.  She has begun taking the discussions and we pray that she will set a baptismal date.  She is reading both the Bible and the Book of Mormon together and finds it interesting that they compliment each other so much.The Elders asked us to take one of their investigators up with them.  They spent most of the day at the VC while we were in a Family History Class.  Their investigator has set a baptismal date for March 28th.  It was set for February but her mom asked that she wait 3 months because she doesn’t want her to rush into the decision.  The Elders were unhappy until they remembered what President Eyring said about doing what the Lord wants and not what they want.

Transfers are always interesting, this transfer our District Leader Elder Bodda was transferred and our new District Leader was Elder Ng.  We have a great district and learn a lot from these wonderful young missionaries as we meet with them each week.


Elder Ng, Elder Jensen, Elder Bodda, and Elder Simon


Sister Rose, Elder Bodda, and Elder Rose


Elder Jensen, Elder Simon, Elder Bodda and Elder Ng


Elder Harrison and Elder Ng

Our new missionary to join the “Banana Belt”  because we live in the south and have very little snow.  Is Elder Harrison from Orem Utah.  We are excited to get to know him.

We ended our month on a spiritual high with Elder Rose being able to ordain Brother Hurrey who was baptized in October to the office of an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood .  We then were able to help him get his dad and grandparents names ready to be taken to the temple where he could do the work for them.  Sister Rose had the privilege of being baptized for his grandmothers.  He told us that he went through the open house for the Washington DC temple with his grandmother when he was a teenager.  The spirit was very strong and it was wonderful to watch him and participate with him in this sacred work for his dad and grandparents.  He is excited to do more family history work and come to the temple often as he waits for his year to be over so he can receive the endowment and finish the work for all of his ancestors and have them sealed together.


Brother Earl Hurrey at the Temple for his first visit


Elder Rose and Brother Hurrey


Elder Rose and Brother Hurrey inside the Visitors Center looking at the temple cut away. Brother Hurrey remembered going through the temple during the open house when he was a young boy.


The new Visitor Center Director talking to Brother Hurrey and Elder Rose